How to use

Glass Filter Tips are in our opinion the best way of smoking your flowers. It enhances the flavour and provides an overal smoother smoking experience. Our Glass Filter Tips feature a Twisted Spiral Design. This causes the smoke to spin and cool down before inhaling.

To use the Glass Filter Tips simply roll up a fat Doink like you would normally do with a regular paper filter. It maybe takes a bit of practice and getting used to. But once you mastered the skill your smoking experience will be on a higher level!

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How to clean

After using the Glass Filter Tips the glass will be dirty and stained. This can easily be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. Simply put the Glass Filter Tip in the provided plastic tube and fill with alcohol. After letting the tip soak and shaking the plastic tube the dirt will be desolved into the alcohol. After this we recomend washing of the Glass Filter Tip with water before drying it. Your Glass Filter Tip is now ready for another Doink!

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